2 in 1 Gold Double Bladed Ninja Sword Staff Spear

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The blades are 440 stainless with a double edge and short ricasso. The blades come slightly sharpened with very sharp points. The handles are steel with a ornate pommels and patterned grips.

This is the Black Double Bladed Ninja Sword, the ultimate weapon of the Ninja. The sword is the definition of resourcefulness and surprise. The weapon begins as a one piece steel short staff. With a twist of the ring switch the staff comes apart to reveal two short swords.

The short swords can be screwed together to create a vicious double bladed staff. The short swords are well balanced and very fast. The ring switch securely holds the blades in place when it is used as a staff. The silver and black design on the handle of the swords acts perfectly as a grip.

Additional Details
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Overall Length:
62.25 Inches
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel
Blade Length:
14.75 Inches
Handle Length:
17 Inches
Slightly Sharpened