2nd Gen. Saint George Dragon Saber Fantasy Knight Sword w/ Scabbard

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The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a ridge line and short Ricasso. the blade comes slightly sharpened. The scabbard of the sword is constructed from all polished steel. The drag of the sword is a crouching dragon. A dragon rests in the middle of the scabbard and features a chain to allow the sword to worn. The scabbard throat is a third dragon. All of the dragons are highly detailed. The guard of the sword is a roaring dragon with its head, wings and feet acting as the guards arms. The arc of the dragon's neck creates a cut out design. The guard fits seamlessly into the scabbard. The handle of the sword is the steel body of the dragon on the guard. The tail of the dragon offers a full hand guard. The handle is a solid construction

According to the Golden Legend there was once a terrible dragon that lived by the town of Silene. The dragon was a plague spreading demon who would not allow the residents of Silene to draw water from their lake without first offering a human sacrifice. The people of Silene would have a daily lottery of virgins, whom ever was chosen by the lottery would be offered to the dragon. On one fateful day the Princess oft he land was chosen. Although, the grief stricken king offered all of his gold to spare his daughter, his subjects denied him.

Saint George was passing through the kingdom and heard of the Princess impending sacrifice. Saint George rode to the lake and confronted the dragon. He stabbed the dragon with his spear and then used the Princess girdle to lead the dragon to Silene where he killed the dragon. St. George would accept no payment for his heroic act, instead he asked that all the people of Silene baptize themselves.

This Sword is One of Two Saint George Swords that make up the Golden Legend Complete Set .

Additional Details
Blade Material:
440 Stainless Steel
Overall Length:
35.25 Inches
Blade Length:
28 Inches
Handle Length:
6 Inches
Blade Edge:
Scabbard Material:
Stainless Steel