Medieval Excalibur Two-Handed Long Sword with Scabbard

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Excalibur is by far the most famous sword in Medieval European history. This was not the sword drawn from the stone, but another sword given to Arthur by the Lady of lake. It is interesting to note that Excalibur was not the original name of the sword but came around from French Romancers. The original name was Caladfwlch from the ancient Welsh language meaning Hard Lightning. Latter the name became Caliburn and finally what we know today, Excalibur. This sword was inspired by the legend of Arthur and his enchanted sword. The sword is expertly crafted with fine attention to detail and the delicate design on the guard and pommel. This is perfect for collectors and medieval enthusiasts.

Additional Details
Blade Material:
440 Stainless Steel
Overall Length:
43 Inches
Blade Length:
32 Inches
Handle Length:
8 Inches
Blade Edge:
Scabbard Material:
Wooden W/ Imitation Leather

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