Irish Ring Hilt Celtic Medieval Crusader Knight's Sword W/ Scabbard

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Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Overall Length: 35.5"

Blade Length: 26.75"

Handle Length: 8.5"

Blade Edge: Slightly Sharpened w/ a Very Sharp Point.

Fittings: Steel

Product Description

The Ring Pommel Irish sword of the Galloglas. Although, the sword is Irish the warriors that carried them were not. Galloglas means foreign soldier, but the Galloglas were not just mere soldiers, they were elite warriors. Typically these mercenaries would be hired by Irish nobility, as well as English Lords, for their ferocity in battle. In return for their service they were granted lands and title. Eventually the Galloglas became completely Irish as their ranks filled with native Irish. For almost 350 years the Galloglas fought the wars and skirmishes of Ireland.

This is a reproduction of an Irish Bastard Sword. The Ringed Pommel announces the Irish descent of the sword.

The blade of the sword is high quality carbon steel with a slightly sharpened edge and very sharp point. A ridge has been added down the center of the blade. The blade is well balanced, very light, very quick, and features a rat tang.

The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a black leather cover. The drag of the sword is burnished steel with a ball point tip. The scabbard throat is also the same burnished steel that perfectly contours the guard of the sword.

The guard of the sword is solid steel with down-turned quillions.

The handle of the sword is wooden over the rat-tail tang of the sword. Over the wood black imitation leather has been wrapped. The pommel of the sword is the Irish circle cut out with the tang of the sword running through the middle of the circle. The pommel ends with a rivet cap securing the tang.

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