Hattori Hanzo Maintenance Cleaning Kit for Japanese Swords and Katanas - RSM DEAL

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Extra large uchiko pad that contains non-abrasive powder that absorbs extra cleaning oil
Includes (1) Bottle Of Choji Oil: Bottle of choji oil to prevent rusting and polishing
Includes (1) Plastic Container To Store Oiled Cloth
Includes (1) Brass Hammer to easily dismantle the sword
Cleansing paper/cloth
2 pegs with Wooden storage boxes
The proper care and maintenance of swords is critical if they are to retain their condition. The composition of sword steel makes it very susceptible to rust. This kit is A Must Have for all serious sword collectors.This kit gives you the tools needed to maintain your swords in the highest quality possible. Don't let the value of your sword fade. This kit guarantees you longer lasting, beautiful swords in your collection.

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