Hand Honed Katana with Black Saya

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Overall Length: 39 1/8"
Blade: 28 1/8"
Weight: 2 lb
Edge: Very Sharp
P.O.B.: 5 13/16"
Thickness: 7.3 mm - 4.6 mm
Width: 31.5 mm
Grip Length: 9 3/4''

Hand Honed Katana features a sharpened carbon steel blade with etched hamon. The blade has been through tempered to provide a good sword for light cutting at an affordable price. The tsuba is made of blackened steel in the familiar Musashi dual ring style. The grip is wood wrapped in imitation ray skin and black cord. The handle is double pegged to the blade tang allowing the sword to be disassembled. The included saya is made of wood with a black lacquered finish. Includes a black sword bag.

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