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If you're looking to sell swords and all swords related products without having to invest and carry inventory then you should consider drop shipping with RealSwordMaster.

What Is a Drop Ship Program - Here Is How It Works
Drop shipping is defined as selling a product that you don't actually have in your possession, but have made arrangements with a company who does.  You get paid from your customer, you send the order to the drop shipper and they pick, pack and ship the product for you and bill you an amount previously agreed upon.

Drop shipping will remove the necessity of holding any inventory.  This simplifies the operation of your business and it is also beneficial to your cash flow.  Money doesn’t have to be tied up on inventory, packing materials, storage facilities, nor a warehouse staff.  This is especially useful for online start-up business as it avoids having to risk large overall cost.  It also means that you can change the items you sell very quickly and easily without having to worry about left over inventories.

We do all the work.
Don't want to stock inventory and mess around with shipping?  Tired of back orders and slow service with your current drop shipper?  You concentrate on building your business and we'll fill all of your orders quickly and accurately. Online sales and retail sales can benefit from our drop shipping program. Collect orders from your customers then that order to us and we will process and ship it right from our warehouse.

How do I get started?
In order to get started, Please click the link below. - It's FREE to join!!

Once you've placed your order with RealSwordMaster, we'll take care of the rest.

Your order will be quickly processed and shipped to your customer.  Once the order ships, we will send you the tracking number. You can pass this tracking information to your customer to increase customer satisfaction and ensure that your customer will want to buy from you again.



Step 1:

Create an account.



Step 2:

add your favorite items to shipping cart.



Step 3:

Follow the steps and input " this is drop ship order" into order instruction box, and we will process your order as drop ship order, we will not put any invoice or our information for the order, so once your customer receive the package your customer will not know anything about us.