62" Broad Head Japanese Samurai Naginata Yari Sword

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The blade of the naginta is carbon steel. The blade comes slightly sharpened. The scabbard of the naginata is hardwood with a black finish and dragon etched into the wood. The shaft of the naginata is hardwood with a black finish. Along the length of the shaft are three steel fittings. The first of these fittings is at the end of the naginata and acts as the pommel of the weapon. The second fitting is in the upper quarter of the shaft and from here the shaft can unscrew to become a sword. The last fitting is at the very top of the shaft and secures the guard of the weapon. Each of the fittings features a cherry blossom cast into the steel, the symbol of the samurai's life.


The Naginata is the Japanese version of the Pole Arm. The design of the weapon was based on the Chinese Pu Dao. The Naginata first came into use during the 8th century. Originally used to dismount horsemen, the Naginata also proved to be efficient in clearing foot soldiers, and soon became a favorite among the Samurai.

In later times the Naginata switched from being predominately used by men to being used by women. During the Edo Period it became proper for a woman of the Samurai class to be proficient in the use of the Naginata. In the absence of her husband it was the woman's duty to defend the Samurai's home. The Naginata was perfect in this regard because it could be used to keep a male attacker at a distance so that the difference in strength and size could not be used against the woman.

Additional Details
Blade Material:
Carbon Steel
Overall Length:
62 Inches
Blade Length:
21 Inches
Handle Length:
40 Inches
Blade Edge: