39" X 72" Heavy Duty Tameshigiri Cutting Mat

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Test Cutting or Tameshigiri became widespread during the Edo period in Japan for testing the quality of swords. Although bamboo and rice mats were used, human bodies were the preferred material for test cutting. The bodies would be either cadavers or condemned criminals.

There were a variety of cuts that could be done, kesagiri (hip to shoulder) for example. The number of bodies cut and the type of cut was recorded on the nakago of the sword. In modern times art of Tameshigiri still exists, but human bodies have been replaced with bamboo and straw mats. Where the original sword tests were designed to test the quality of the sword, today's tests are designed to test the quality of the swordsman.

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Instructions for using the Mats:

1. Roll mats as tightly as possible and tie off.

2. Soak the mats in water for twenty four hours.

3. After the mat has been rolled, tied and soaked it should be 4" to 7" across, depending upon how tightly it was rolled (single mat).

4. Mount on a cutting stand and enjoy.

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