1045 High Carbon Steel Handmade Tomoe Katana Sword

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The blade of the sword has been hand made from through hardened high carbon steel with a bohi. The blade comes full tang and very sharp. The Saya of the sword is wooden with a black dull gloss finish. A black cotton sageo has been tied around the kurigata. The Koiguchi is blackened steel. The Tomoe mon have been carved into the wood of the Saya. The Habaki is a one piece brass construction. The Tsuba is black steel with a border of waves and Tomoe. Two Seppas secure the Tsuba. The Fuchi is black steel with another Tomoe. The Tsuka is wooden with an imitation ray skin wrap and black cotton ito. Two bamboo Mekugi secure the tang of the sword.

The Tomoe is the ancient symbol of the both Buddhism and Shintoism. The three interlocked flames represent the circular motion of energy. The Tomoe is used as a symbol of balance and abundance of support in all endeavors. The Tomoe is also very common as a Mon (family crest) in Japanese heraldry. The symbol would often be used to identify aristocratic families in battles.

Additional Details
Blade Material:
1045 Carbon Steel
Overall Length:
Razor Sharp
Blade Length:
27.5 "
Tsuka Length:
Tsuka Material:
Imitation Ray Skin
Sword Bag